Ayurveda massage

Ayurveda massage

Nowadays we lead very comfortable life in many aspects. Only very few people can in their hectic, busy way of life find the time to use muscles, which most of us in normal life do not have possibility (or enough time) to use. Never ending worries, stress and not enough rest, higher toxins in bodies. The most natural and at the same time the easiest way how to deal with this is a massage.


Ayurveda massages are in Sri Lanka part of everyday life. They help to overall relaxation of body and mind, improve function of locomotive organs, lymphatic system, help getting rid of harmful substances from a body, higher defensiveness, remove tiredness and stress and also they slower aging.

Massages are performed with the use of only natural oils, made from herbs, tree bark, seeds and fruits of different kinds. The kind of oil, the same as a massage itself, depends on health state of a patient, therefore it is very individual. As supplements can be used herbal ointments and extracts.

P a n ch a k a r m a

Unique natural complex program, composed of 5 basic ayurveda procedures and anti-aging preparations: Vamana, Nasya, Viretan, Raktamokshana a Basti. Each of those procedures deals with misbalance of concrete dosha, it therefore works when it treates concrete health problem. It deeply purifies a body from toxins, therefore there is improvement of life functions, it enhances immunity system, highers vitality, gives inside calmness and self-confidence. The composition of this procedure is set completely individually according to health condition of a concrete patient or a client.

Therefore it is not a good idea to believe, that right after the first massage or therapy the problems will be removed. Only after regular attending of ayurveda therapies there is gradual regeneration of organism, mental and physical release and in this way creating of mental balance.

The offer of the basic procedures:


A b h y a n g a

Basic, deeply relaxing and healing ayurveda massage of all body. It is done with the use of warm healing oil. The kind of massage oil, as well as the massage length, is always chosen individually, according to the health condition and needs of a massaged person. By regular massages there is gradual release of toxins from a body, improvement of circulatory system functions, releasing of muscles and joints stiffness. The massage enhances nerve and immunity system, helps to remove sleeping problems, stress and anxiety. The healing oils used evidently makes the skin softer, give it elasticity and soft look and they help to prevent from many skin diseases. Abhyanga is therapeutically used when treating arthritis, varying blood pressure, asthma, polio, degenerative illness of locomotive organs. Except that it is also a well chosen way of relaxation. After the massage is very important to let the oil absorb into a skin, so there is maximum therapy effect and the oil can show its healing effects.


S h i r o d h a r a                                                                                                           

"Massage" so called "of the third eye" – great and very effective therapy for treating many illnesses connected with a head, eyes, ears and nerve system. A stream of warm healing oil slowly flows from a bottle, hanged above a head of a massaged person to a forehead, in the place of so called "third eye" – above the nose top, further across the crown of a head to a nape, where there is beneficial release of mind and overall relaxation. It is followed by a back and neck massage. This therapy is very effective when treating sleeping problems, headache, and tiredness caused by mental strain or nerve system problems. It is a favourite massage for its highly relaxing and releasing effects.                                                                                                                                  


M u k a b h y a n g a

Deeply relaxing and calming head massage, which gives to your mind perfect relax. It is effective with headache, releases mental tiredness and stress.


P i n d a s v e d a n                    

The massage is done with herbal or rice pouches. Strongly releases and warms organism, highers immunity, softens skin. It is done with the help of cloth pouch, filled with warm mix of special herbs or rice, which are put on problematic or painful places. It is done in combination with all-body oil massage. There is a release of muscles stress, promote a blood circulation and it is followed by warming of organism. The effects of herbal extracts lower a pain, work relaxingly and lastly the massage markedly softens a skin. Healing properties of oils used for this procedure deeply clean blood, give and keep firmness of muscle and connective tissue.


S h i r o b a s t i                                                                                                                                                                                      

This is procedure where are used the effects of healing oil to be put on a head. The oil is kept on a head due to a stripe, so called cap, made from leather. The oil is let in a cap to have an effect for some time (the time depends on the health condition of a patient) after this it is poured away from a cap and it is followed by a massage of a neck, shoulders and a back. This therapy is highly effective when healing vision, hearing, nerve problems, headache, sleeping problems or paralysed face. Except that, the oil works as nutrition to hair skin and hair roots, it gives to hair strength and shine.


U p a n a h a s v e d a n

Releasing back massage, intended for relaxation, but mainly very effective when you have continuing backache caused by i.e. sedentary job.


N a s y a

Nasya is one of healing methods Panchakarma, where are used powers or healing herbal oils, infusions and powders applied through nostrils. Nasya treats many serious diseases such as consciousness, chronic headache, sleeping problems, or paralysed face. It is used most often as prevention to upper airways, also when healing it.It is performed together with a face massage.


P a d a b h y a n g a

Stimulating massage of acupressure points of feet. Pointed pressuring of those points it is achieved to keep or renew the right inner organs functions. Perfect relaxing therapy for tired and exposed feet.


B a b y   m a s s a g e

Children´s massage from infantile age has had a long tradition in Sri Lanka. It is done with children older than 3 months with the use of oil chosen according to skin tolerance. It is important to perform the massage for at least 3 months in the time gap recommended by a professional masseur. It is focused on the area of back, waist, neck, hands and feet. The most important aspect of children´s massage is spine massage, since it is important to strengthen this part of a body so it will be able to support all body. The massage is beneficial also to a head skin since it eliminates its dryness and it strengthens hair roots. Regular massage results in correct development of a child, calm sleep and its overall happiness. Children´s massages are recommended from the age of 3 months.                                                                                                                                           

M a s s a g e   d u r i n g   p r e g n a n c y

Releasing and relaxing therapy for future mums are recommended from 5th month of pregnancy. It helps mainly with backache, lowers feet swelling, used oil helps against appearance of stretch marks. Specially matched, tender massage techniques are beneficial for optimal development and position of foetus, it gives to mums perfect relaxation and for a baby it will be surely pleasant as well.

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