Our story

India is together with Sri Lanka (earlier Ceylon) country, where ayurveda started expanding into the whole world more than 5000 years ago. Up to now there are kept the manufacturing traditions of unique natural products, the way of growing and harvesting of plants is kept as well. The plants which are so benefical human body...

Right from this paradisal island we have the honour to bring at least a piece of wealth and beauty to you. By the wealth is meant ayurveda, massages that came from it, the purest products in the form of VIRGIN coconut oil, real Ceylon tea or herbal food supplements. Variety, purity, tastes and smells of Sri Lanka are reflected in our products. You will experience original techniques and their effects on human body due to our massages as well. Whether you try one of our massages or you treat yourself with ayurveda regeneration stay, we always guarantee individual professional care as well as exceptional experience of exotica. Our masseurs are only ayurveda professionals directly from Sri Lanka, under the leadership of ayurveda master, Mr. Ad Raj Kumar. You will be in the best hands.


Our effort and aim still is and will be to keep and spread traces of ayurveda medicine in the best way, with growing happiness from success in helping our customers

At the moment ayurveda is becoming a kind of modern hit. We are not sure if it is right, since it is often presented falsely, inconsistently and in the worst case unprofessionally. Its real meaning, medical procedures and overall real philosophy of ayurveda are disappearing somewhere slowly…

However, we are convinced that if you want to discover and experience ayurveda in the real sense, feel its effects and maybe change your life for better (also by your own effort!), that you will look for professional care and the best products and therefore trustworthy sources.

We dare to say, that we are one of them. The proof is countless number of existing clients, with who we observe constant progress forward whether they fight with “lighter“ or really serious problems. This feeling forces us to go forward, we feel a kind of responsibility here and we ascertain ourselves that our choice was the right one.

We cooperate with the best natural product manufactures, we are in close contact with several renowned ayurveda doctors from Sri Lanka and we import effective products. Together with the products we develop new knowledge about ayurveda, because a human learns all his or her life. Each person learns.

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