Coconut oil


100% pure VIRGIN coconut oil without preservatives or any chemical additives.


Coconut oil Ayur-Lanka is made by traditional way of cold press from fresh coconuts. Only this way of production guarantees that coconut oil maintains all its beneficial substances and it is not deprived of its typical coconut scent.


Also some cheaper variants of coconut oil are available on the market, however they are refined oils which are deprived of taste, aroma and especially they contain minimum of beneficial substances, vitamins and fatty acids. They are made from dry coconut, so called copra. During the drying process it is contaminated therefore the oil must be whiten with the help of extremely high temperatures (sometimes even chemical additives) so the characteristic good smell and taste are removed. In this process are also created trans-fatty acids, which however destroy "good" cholesterol. The advantage of this oil is really only its low price.


Production process of coconut oil Ayur-Lanka



Coconuts come from palms growing in chemically not treated grounds and they are carefully chosen before its processing. During the oil production the individual procedures are carefully checked and the final oil undergoes several kinds of tests. The coconut oil Ayur-Lanka hasn´t been awarded as the first by organizations for determination of natural products quality without reason.

This natural wonder of various uses should not miss in any household. It is suitable either for cosmetic purpose or for food preparations. It becomes liquid at the temperature approximately 24 degrees Celsius, when kept at lower temperature it solidifies in white paste.





Care about hair and hair epidermis:


Body care:


Kitchen use:

Coconut oil is natural antibiotics. It is recommended to consume 1 tea spoon of coconut oil every morning.

 Country of origin: Sri Lanka

Packed in: Sri Lanka.

We offer coconut oil in capsules as a food supplement Coconut, which is ideal choice for regular use either at home, at work or during a journey or in a tin 500ml for cosmetic purposes or for cooking.

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