About tea

Tea plant

As it is commonly known, tea is processed from the Tea plant (Camellia sinensis) leafs which is grown especially in tropic and subtropic areas of Asia. The first reference to Tea plant appeared approximately 4000 years ago. Also nowadays tea is one of the most drunk liquids just behind water. In some countries is so called "tea ceremony" cultural tradition which is passed for generations and it belongs to inseparable traditions.

It is also the same in Sri Lanka, since this country is not called "Tea Island" without reason. Ceylon tea is the most typical sign of Sri Lanka and it sure belongs to its large wealth. The tea plantations are located mainly in the centre of the island, it the areas of higher altitude where the Tea plant flourishes better. This area is called Nuwara Eliya which is the place our tea comes from.

Tea plant is a green bush or a tree – it is green all year (its height depends on given area or growing and the way it is processed by the grower). It has white, softly smelling blossoms. The leafs of the Tea tree are collected by hands, so it is possible to separate them according to quality.

According to the way the leaves are processed, there are two most spread groups of teas:

The difference between the production of green and black tea is that black tea is produced by Tea tree leafs fermentation, unlike green tea which is prepared to consumption straight after drying. Green tea is therefore consumed especially for its amount of healing powers, black tea is on the other hand consumed especially as condiment, however it still maintains some of its healing powers. Due to its higher amount of caffeine is black tea used as substitute to coffee (it is also drunk with milk).

Medical powers of tea

There are hundreds of medical powers contained in the Tea tree leaf. The most important is i.e. tein (caffeine), flavonoids, carotene, vitamins C, B1, B2, B5, B7 , B 12, E, P, K, also fluoride, potassium, sodium, magnesium, trace elements, enzyme, amino acids.

Concrete proven effects on human organism:


Tea has become one of the most favourite drinks for humans and surely we can agree that it is absolutely deserved. Whether we drink it i.e. only in the period of having a cold or tea is associated with its typical ceremony, surely tea is inseparable part of each of us. It is important to mention, that if we want it to show its unique beneficial effects, we need to drink truly quality tea, which is not commonplace with some "teas," available on our market.

It is the same as in our lives, even the choice of tea depends on each of us.  

We offer the tea from manually collected leafs that come from the purest plantations in the heart of paradisal island of Sri Lanka.



Original Ceylon tea

Teas Ayur-Lanka have quality symbol of Sri Lanka Tea Board, the symbol can be used only for teas packed in Sri Lanka which comply with the strictest requirements of the control.


Even nowadays tea is becoming more and more popular drink. Not only for getting warm in winter time or when catching cold but especially for its high amount of its beneficial effects for human body. When drinking

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