The term "ayurveda" comes from Sanskrit and in loose translation it means "knowledge about life."

If we wanted to search for original roots of this old therapeutic method, we would get back in time up to 5000 years ago to ancient India, to Sri Lanka. From there ayurveda was gradually spreading to other countries all over the world and at the moment it is one of the most respected natural therapeutic methods of all time.

Ayurveda puts emphasis on prevention and constant encouragement of health with the help of balanced diet, positive thinking and healthy lifestyle. It always heals the whole soul, body and mind, with the use of natural medication and oils, made from herbs, spices, tree bark, seeds and fruit of different kind. The core of ayurveda is the respect of human´s originality.

The main aim of ayurveda procedures is the help with washing away toxins from a body and establishing harmony and balance. Regular attending of ayurveda therapies strengthens immunity system, increases overall feeling of good health, it is prevention of individual illnesses, cures concrete diseases and last but not least it
slows down the ageing.

The part of ayurveda therapy is following the right diet, which assures not only the optimal body weight but you will also feel more relaxed, full of energy. Our overall health depends on the kind of food we choose because our digestive system supplies our organism with nutriments. Important is not only kind of food but also the way and environment in which it is eaten.

However, ayurveda by far does not show its healing power only due to massages or healthy diet. The important aspect in order to achieve the right effects of ayurveda procedures is positive thinking. You need to believe that the therapies performed can help and with this knowledge to set off the journey of understanding of main ideas and influence of ayurveda. There has been written a lot about ayurveda but not always it is understood correctly. We are convinced that we are not able to change the world around us, turn it to be better and therefore we will probably not even try. Why not start with the change at yourself as an example for the others or "only" for your good inside feeling?

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